Transactions and Agreements

Business agreements for developing new products or transferring technology are unique to the subject matter and often require creativity in crafting agreeable solutions for the parties. Johnson Legal has the skill and experience to help get your project signed.


New Product Clearance

The risks of introducing a new product can be substantial if your competitor has a patent on the product, a shape that has been registered for trade dress protection, or was developed with the assistance of a former employee of a competitor. We can help you reduce these risks.

Competitive IP Analysis

Most new patent applications in the US and overseas are published 18 months after their filing date. We can help your strategic innovation team investigate the IP positions of your competition to find holes that might serve as opportunities.

Advantage of Repeat Clients

We are proud that so many of our clients have repeatedly turned to us for counsel and representation. We work hard to earn their loyalty every day.

US Patent and Trademark Office Proceedings

New applications, existing applications, narrowing or broadening reissues, and reexaminations as standalone strategies or in connection with ongoing litigation



An opinion on potential infringement or invalidity of a competitor's patent is an important protection for new products. We specialize in making sure you are protected.

Court Proceedings

As plaintiff or defendant, Johnson Legal PLLC can represent your interests before the state or federal courts of Virginia or DC, or by pro hac vice in courts outside Virginia or DC.

Trade Secret Theft Protection

Every company in the tech sector relies on highly skilled individuals to develop, maintain and improve the company products. The details known to those individuals can be very valuable if they walked out the door and into the hands of a competitor or were carelessly shared at happy hour. We can help your company review its employee agreements, facilities security and information handling procedures to help keep that information safe. 

Services & Solutions

Business Partners

We use our experience to help you safeguard and grow your business. 

Personal Solutions

The nature of invention is unique to the inventor and to the company. We provide customized solutions to help you manage your IP.

What We Offer

Johnson Legal works with engineers, scientists and executives to mine their work for intellectual property that makes sense for their business.

We also work with companies to protect business units and product lines with appropriate trademark, trade dress, and comparative advertising counsel.

Our goal is to help you grow your business. This philosophy is embedded in our approach to providing counsel and advice to our clients.

Our services are for innovators, businesses, artists and those with a creative streak including:

  • Patents for innovation.
  • Trademarks & trade secrets for businesses.
  • Copyrights for authors & software engineers.

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